2016 Memorial Day Conference Audio - Mike Attwood & Gary McBride

Mike Attwood - "Revival"

Gary McBride - "Peace"

2015 Memorial Day Conference Audio

Here are the messages from the 2015 Memorial Day conference with Kevin Fitzgerald and Bob Upton. May they be a blessing to you.

Kevin Fitzgerald: Jesus - A Man for Others

Bob Upton: Grace

Annual Memorial Day Conference 2015

The believers at Meadow Ridge Bible Chapel would like to invite you to our annual Memorial Day Conference, to be held May 22-May 25. This year's speakers are Bob Upton and Kevin Fitzgerald. Housing and meals will be provided; if you plan on attending, please register on the post below.

FRIDAY, May 22rd

             7:30 PM        Prayer Meeting

            8:30 PM        Snack/Fellowship

 SATURDAY, May 23th

             10:00 AM     Ministry   Kevin Fitzgerald & Bob Upton

            12:00 PM     Lunch

             3:00 PM       Ministry   Kevin Fitzgerald & Bob Upton

             5:00 PM       Supper

             7:00 PM       Ministry   Kevin Fitzgerald

 SUNDAY, May 24th

              9:00  AM      Remembrance Meeting

            10:45 AM     Ministry    Kevin Fitzgerald

            12:00 PM     Lunch

              3:00 PM      Ministry    Kevin Fitzgerald & Bob Upton

              5:00 PM      Supper

              7:00 PM      Ministry    Bob Upton

 MONDAY, May 25th

            10:00 AM     Ministry    Kevin Fitzgerald & Bob Upton

            12:00 PM     Lunch

  1:30 PM      Say your good-byes


Youth Conference

The believers of Meadow Ridge Bible Chapel (West Fargo, ND) would like to invite you to our annual Youth Conference to be held February 13-16, 2015.  The speaker for this year’s conference is Michael Thomas from Salisbury, NC.  The conference is designed for those ages 14-21, but anyone interested in attending is always welcome to come, but housing is limited to singles.

For any questions or housing needs, contact Leanna at 701-232-3049 or email info@meadowridgebiblechapel.org or register using the below post.

If you are planning to join us for the conference, there are a couple of things to remember.  First, everything associated with the conference is totally free including meals and housing.  Secondly, we do ask you to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow.  If you plan to go to the gym on Saturday evening, please bring appropriate gym clothes and shoes.  There will also be the option to go bowling on Saturday night in lieu of going to the gym.  We’re excited to have Michael Thomas joining us for the conference – and we look forward to seeing you as well!

FRIDAY, February 13th

                8:00 PM                Registration
                9:00 PM                Singing/Sharing 

SATURDAY, February 14th

                 10:00 AM             Michael Thomas
                 12:00 PM             Lunch
                 4:00 PM               Michael Thomas
                 5:30 PM               Supper
                 7:00 PM               Open Gym/Bowling
                 9:30 PM               Snacks/Sharing

 SUNDAY, February 15th

                 9:00  AM             Remembrance Meeting
                10:30 AM             Michael Thomas
                12:00 PM             Lunch
                  4:00 PM              Michael Thomas
                  6:00 PM              Supper
                  7:30 PM              Activities

 MONDAY, February 16th

                10:00 AM             Michael Thomas
                12:00 PM             Lunch


2014 Youth Conference with Scott Degroff

Here are the messages that were recorded from our youth conference this year! You can either listen to it here or download it for your own personal use.

2013 Memorial Day Conference

We are pleased to announce the details for our annual Memorial Day Conference to be held May 24-27.

In the will of the Lord, we'll have a special treat of 3 speakers this year: Arnot McIntee, Steve Price, and Keith Trevolt.

Let us know you're coming by registering online (even if you'd don't need a place to stay, it will help us plan and coordinate meals!)

See you soon!